Miklić v Croatia

Miklić v Croatia

Summary A child committed offences of intrusive behaviour and threats while lacking mental capacity. Relying on psychiatric and psychological expert opinions, the court placed him in a psychiatric hospital. His… Read more »

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Summary What happens when the paperwork authorising a deprivation of liberty under the DoLS regime repeatedly refers to the wrong person?    This question was posed before Senior Judge Hilder in… Read more »

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DP v LB Hillingdon

Summary[1] In this case, Hayden J has clarified what the court is to do on an s.21A application where it has doubt as to whether it can, on the evidence… Read more »

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Cornwall Council v NP and BKP

Summary These reconstituted s.21A MCA proceedings concerned a 69-year-old man who, married for 35 years, collapsed in the marital home and was hospitalised with diagnoses of neurological sequelae of herpesviral… Read more »

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DL v LB Enfield

Summary In this case, a local authority respondent sought to challenge the jurisdiction of the Court of Protection in relation to s.21A applications, “to challenge what might colloquially be called… Read more »

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Birmingham CC v SR; Lancashire CC v JTA

Summary Two local authorities made streamlined Re X applications on COPDOL11 forms to authorise the deprivation of liberty of two individuals who were either about to be (SR), or had… Read more »

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A Health and Social Care Trust v X et al

Summary Mr X had died by the time of this judgment, but the decision is likely to affect hundreds of individuals in Northern Ireland in similar circumstances.  The case concerned… Read more »

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CB v Medway Council & Anor

Summary This unusual appeal against dismissal of a s.21A application clarifies the (very limited) circumstances under which it could ever been appropriate to dismiss such applications on a summary basis…. Read more »

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DR v Lithuania

Summary A lady in her 60s was ordered by a court to be subject to a psychiatric assessment to consider her criminal responsibility for an alleged offence. She was taken… Read more »

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RB v United Kingdom

Summary[1] When he was 31, RB experienced a significant head injury, including frontal lobe damage, which resulted in an organic personality change and physical disabilities. He was discharged from hospital… Read more »

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