Capacity, Competence, Clients and Witnesses Seminar

Capacity, Competence, Clients and Witnesses Seminar

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Mental capacity is not just an issue for the Court of Protection. Almost any lawyer at any point may have reason to doubt that their client lacks capacity to conduct proceedings or to manage compensation awarded by a court. And many lawyers in different court room settings may find that they have either to examine or cross-examine a vulnerable witness who may only just be competent to give evidence. The legal, practical and ethical challenges posed in all these situations can be very stark.

In this multi-disciplinary seminar, chaired by Alex Ruck Keene (39 Essex Chambers), experts will examine three key challenges that confront lawyers in such situations and offer practical guidance to ensure that they can best be prepared for clients, parties and witnesses whose capacity may be impaired.


39 Essex Chambers
39 Essex Street


3rd November 2015


6pm – 7pm

Presented by:

Alex Ruck Keene
Simon Edwards
Prof. Penny Cooper
Dr. Gareth Owen

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