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“held in the highest esteem”
Legal 500 2009

Professor Dr Bunni’s principal areas of practice are conciliation / mediation and arbitration. He has specialised professional expertise in construction insurance; various aspects of structural engineering, including steel structures and concrete structures; and in various aspects of civil engineering, including water and sanitary engineering.

Professor Dr Bunni has been appointed arbitrator in over one hundred and forty five cases of dispute, together with many other appointments as facilitator in alternative dispute resolution methods, with parties from in excess of 50 jurisdictions. As arbitrator, he was appointed either as a sole arbitrator or as a member of a tribunal or as the chairman of an arbitraltribunal. Many of these appointments were under the ICC Rules of Arbitration; the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules; the LCIA Arbitration Rules; or the Rules of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration. Over eighty five of these cases in arbitration have led to written and published reasoned awards.


He is recommended in the Legal 500 2009 for his work in Commercial Arbitration.

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