Art and Cultural Property – Contested Heritage: Powers and Principles

Art and Cultural Property – Contested Heritage: Powers and Principles

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In the first webinar of their Art and Cultural Property Series, Richard Harwood QC, David Sawtell, Catherine Dobson and Professor Antonia Layard discuss contested heritage: whether statues or other memorials should be removed because of the conduct of those depicted. They will consider:

  • The legal controls in listed building and planning legislation
  • The likely form of the changes proposed in England by Robert Jenrick
  • What approaches can be taken to such items?
  • How does retaining or removing items relate to historic and architectural interest as well as current opinions?

Date and Time

Wednesday 10th February @ 10.30am


Richard Harwood OBE QCDavid SawtellCatherine Dobson  and Professor Antonia Layard’s presentation, to view click here




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