ARDL Seminar: The Work of the Adjudication Function of the SRA

ARDL Seminar: The Work of the Adjudication Function of the SRA

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This is an opportunity to hear from the SRA’s Director & Chief Adjudicator, Nabila Zulfiqar and a panel Adjudicator, Christine Forde. Adjudicators make formal regulatory decisions on a wide range issues. This could be whether to grant or refuse a request for a waiver, an individual’s suitability for student enrolment or allegations relating to a serious conduct issue. The presentation will focus on the role of SRA Adjudicators; their significance, powers and their potential impact on solicitors’ practices. Nabila and Christine will talk first hand about their roles and the work they undertake. They will describe the type of matters which are adjudicated, possible outcomes, and how solicitors can improve the way they practise. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask Nabila and Christine any questions you may have.

Guest Speakers:

Nabila Zulfiqar, Director & Chief Adjudicator, Solicitors Regulation Authority
Christine Forde, Assistant Director, Coventry City Council and SRA Panel Adjudicator

Seminar Chair:

Vikram Sachdeva, Thirty Nine Essex Street

To learn more about this seminar and for the booking form please follow this link.

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