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39 Essex Chambers barristers’ covers all aspects of injunctive relief, including:

  • Injunction – (a judicial order) restraining a person from beginning or continuing an action threatening or invading the legal right of another, or compelling a person to carry out a certain act, e.g. to make restitution to an injured party.
  • Ex parte – granted after hearing only one party (in case of a great urgency).
  • Interim – granted to restrain the accused until a certain date.
  • Freezing – (formerly called a Mareva Injunction) is an interim injunction that restrains a party from disposing of or dealing with assets. The usual purpose of a freezing order is to preserve the defendant’s assets until judgment can be enforced. This can be obtained Worldwide or just domestically. The effect from a court order is to freeze a debtor’s assets to prevent them being taken abroad.
  • Anton Pillar (search order) – a court order which requires the defendant in proceedings to permit the plaintiff or his or her legal representatives to enter the defendant’s premises in order to obtain evidence essential to the plaintiff’s case.
  • Prohibitory – Court order forbidding something from being done, or commanding something to be done (Mandatory injunction).
  • Norwich Pharmacal order – Court order for the disclosure of documents or information that is available in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is granted against a third party which has been innocently mixed up in wrongdoing, forcing the disclosure of documents or information. By identifying individuals the documents and information sought are disclosed in order to assist the applicant for such an order in bringing legal proceedings against individuals who are believed to have wronged the applicant.
  • Gagging Orders – a judge’s directive forbidding the public disclosure of information on a particular matter.
  • Privacy Orders (Super) – a directive that forbids both the public disclosure of information on a particular issue and also any disclosure of the existence of the directive itself.

All injunctions are granted at the discretion of the court and their violations are punished by means of contempt of court proceedings.

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