“Brexit: The Legal Implications” Published

“Brexit: The Legal Implications” Published

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Brexit: The Legal Implications“, edited by Professor Andrea Biondi, has been launched this week by Wolters Kluwer.

Andrea co-edited the book and contributed a chapter on “State Control in a Post-Brexit UK“, Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho has contributed a chapter on “Tax Disputes in the UK after Brexit“.

“Brexit: The Legal Implications” brings to notice the challenges, options, opportunities and possibilities that Brexit may bring in the legal areas. If Brexit comes to pass, what changes in the United Kingdom (UK) legal system will the world face when dealing with the UK? The contributors to this penetrating new collection of studies – a worthy successor to the widely read pre-referendum Britain Alone! – bring a prodigious level of expert scrutiny to the myriad of ramifications of this hugely complex subject. This book gathers together experts from different fields of legal practice and academia not only to discuss the ongoing negotiations but also – and most valuably – to highlight and address the legal implications of possible scenarios and solutions for a post-Brexit UK and European Union.

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