Alison Foster QC named as Times Lawyer of the Week

Alison Foster QC named as Times Lawyer of the Week


The Times have named Alison Foster QC as the Lawyer of the Week. She recently won the Attorney General’s fiat and the Court’s Order for a new inquest into the notorious Deepcut Barracks death almost 20 years ago of Private Cheryl James. Alison is instructed by the Human Rights organisation Liberty.

Alison Foster QC acts for and against public bodies, industry regulators, financial advisors, commercial entities and organs of state. Her cases are concerned with a wide range of subjects, including financial regulation, the rights of individuals, tax, and the powers and duties of public bodies. Her advocacy work predominantly involves statutory construction, European Law and Human Rights.

You can read more about this inquest here.

Alison’s interview in the Times by following this link (subscription only).

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