Accessing care during the coronavirus crisis

Accessing care during the coronavirus crisis

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This webinar is focused on accessing care during the Coronavirus Crisis. With the onset of new emergency coronavirus legislation, “The Coronavirus Bill 2019-21”.

Steve Broach will give information on this legislation and take questions on how to access care during this time. Steve Broach is a barrister at 39 Essex Chambers in London. He has a wide-ranging public law practice with a particular focus on the law and policy affecting children and disabled people.

Date & Time:

Monday 30th March, 11am – 12pm

Register through this link:

(Note: Capacity of how many can attend our webinar has been increased to 500)

Who is this webinar for

Anyone concerned about accessing care in the current climate. If you want to ask questions in advance or have someone support you to do this please email them to and we will collate these for the webinar.

You can type questions live on the webinar and Steve will take as many as possible in the timescale. Please keep your questions short and general – Steve is not able to give case specific advice during the webinar. If you need case specific legal advice see

We will try to theme questions so we have a range of the issues of concerns. We will also record and make the recording public on

How to take part

Taking part in our webinars is easy; all you need is a computer with internet connection, speakers (so you can hear the audio) and a mic (so you can participate in the question and answer sessions if you so wish).

If you have difficulty getting sound it may be that you PC defaults to different speakers. To correct this go to your settings, select system then select sound and change to the relevant speakers from the dropdown box. Further information on how to take part can be found here.

A recording of the webinar can now be accessed through this link.

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