A Little Local Difficulty – Planning Near Major Hazards

A Little Local Difficulty – Planning Near Major Hazards

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“Health and safety advice relating to land use planning … balances the … principle of stabilising and not increasing the numbers at risk, with a pragmatic awareness of the limited land available for development in the UK”

(HSE – Current Approach to Land Use Planning, 2010).

This is easier said than done – especially nowadays, when pressure to develop brownfield sites comes into conflict with a growing intolerance of major accidents affecting the public. This tension can be seen in recent cases such as the litigation over the construction of student accommodation at Culwell Street, Wolverhampton, and the Secretary of State’s decision concerning development at the Oval Cricket Ground.  This evening’s speakers will draw on their practical experience to set out some of the difficulties inherent in the balancing act.

This will be followed by a panel discussion of the speakers and 39 Essex Street barristers to consider the legal and technical interface which is of such importance in this area.

Points to be covered will include:

  • Types of major hazard installations and the issues they present
  • Worst credible events and identifying excessive consultation distances
  • Mitigation – what is acceptable to the regulator
  • Use and abuse of standard models
  • Issues on societal risk


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