39 from 39 – Episode 13: Pollution Home and Away

39 from 39 – Episode 13: Pollution Home and Away

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39 Essex Chambers presents a series of Planning and Environment related webinars

Each webinar will offer approximately 39 minutes of in-depth analysis of carefully selected current planning and environment related issues, to provide consideration over their practical significance for those involved in the process.

Episode 13: Pollution Home and Away

This webinar will be chaired by Richard Wald QC

  • Overseas toxic torts: parent company liability – the implications of Vedanta Resources Plc v Lungowe  [2019] 2 W.L.R. 1051 – Steph David
  • River pollution in England – the regulatory framework and possible directions of travel – Tom van der Klugt





For Stephanie David and Tom van der Klugt’s presentation, click here

PLEASE NOTE: These webinars are hosted by Zoom. Please visit the Zoom website for their Terms & Conditions.

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