39 Essex Chambers speaking and exhibiting at the LLG Weekend School 2017

39 Essex Chambers speaking and exhibiting at the LLG Weekend School 2017

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39 Essex Chambers will be speaking and exhibiting at the LLG Weekend School at Warwick University from Friday 31st March till Saturday 1st April 2017.

Fenella Morris QC and Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho will be speaking on “State aid for local authorities: risks and mitigation” which includes:

  • What is the test for State aid?  What defences are there? What is the potential liability?
  • Areas of State aid vulnerability for local authorities (e.g. regeneration programs, sporting facilities, use of central government funds in LA-owned infrastructure, regulation of local infrastructure)
  • Case Study 1: How do you mitigate State aid from a proposed project? (e.g. plan before acting, separation of accounts, advice to be taken, learning from Coventry on what margin of discretion LAs have)
  • Case Study 2: How do you survive a DCLG or European Commission audit of your project?  (e.g. what do they want to know, how can you best evidence it, what steps do you need to take and when?)
  • Risks and Opportunities: How is State aid being used outside the norm? (Coventry example, competitor challenges, encouraging the Commission to investigate).  What risks are LAs exposed to? What opportunities are there for State aid to be used as a tool to get to commercial objective?
  • Recent developments in European Commission approach
  • Links to Procurement
  • How will Brexit affect State aid?

39 Essex Chambers will also be exhibiting at the event (at stand 9) with Michael Kaplan (Senior Clerk), Sheraton Doyle (Senior Practice Manager) and Phil Desmondez (Marketing) in attendance.

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