Mental Capacity Report – May 2019

Monthly Archives: 16th May 2019

Mental Capacity Report – May 2019

Welcome to the May 2019 Mental Capacity Report. Highlights this month include: (1) In the Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Report: an update on the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill;… Read more »

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Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Report – May 2019

In the Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Report: an update on the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill; reproductive rights and the courts; capacity to consent to sexual relations; and one… Read more »

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Property and Affairs Report – May 2019

In the Property and Affairs Report: an attorney as witness; barristers as deputies and a range of new guidance from the OPG. Click here to download the Property and Affairs… Read more »

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Practice and Procedure Report – May 2019

In the Practice and Procedure Report: the need to move with speed in international abduction cases; executive dysfunction and litigation capacity, and a guest article on meeting the judge. Click… Read more »

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Wider Context Report – May 2019

In the Wider Context Report: new capacity guidance; a fresh perspective on scamming the Irish Cheshire West and the CRPD and life-sustaining treatment. Click here for the Wider Context Report… Read more »

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Mental Capacity Report: Scotland – May 2019

In the Scotland Report: two judgments in the same case relating to anonymity and the ‘rule of physical presence’ in the context of the Mental Health Tribunal. Click here for… Read more »

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Eight Members Appointed To The Equality and Human Rights Commission Panel

39 Essex Chambers is delighted to announce that Victoria Butler-Cole QC, Alexander Ruck Keene, Katherine Apps, Catherine Dobson, Annabel Lee, Tom Tabori, Nicola Kohn and Katherine Barnes have all been… Read more »

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Report: Way to tackle inheritance cross-border tax obstacles facing individuals within the EU

Timothy Lyons QC was one of the rapporteurs of an expert group reporting to the European Commission on cross-border inheritance tax obstacles. The report ‘Ways to tackle cross-border tax obstacles facing individuals… Read more »

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Tomorrow’s FOIL – Presenting Your Case: Advocacy and Presentation Skills

39 Essex Chambers host Tomorrow’s FOIL Executive team and members for a seminar on advocacy and presentation, followed by drinks and nibbles, on Wednesday 22nd May. Presentation and advocacy skills… Read more »

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Local Authorities & Mediation: Two Reports on Mediation in SEND and Court of Protection

Katie Scott will be speaking at the launch of two research reports, giving details of the soon-to-be-launched Court of Protection Mediation Scheme, taking place on Tuesday 4 June 2019, from… Read more »

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