Adjudication Enforcement: Time for a Change?

Monthly Archives: 26th December 2014

Adjudication Enforcement: Time for a Change?

This seminar was chaired by The Hon. Mr Justice Akenhead and presented by members of 39 Essex Chambers including John Tackaberry QC, Hefin Rees QC, Karen Gough, Rachael O’Hagan and Rose Grogan…. Read more »

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Getting tough on carbon emission reductions?

The start of May saw Ofgem announce investigations into six energy companies in respect of compliance with energy efficiency requirements. The Ofgem website refers to the companies as British Gas, Scottish… Read more »

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After Second Reading – Where are we now, and what chance a 2030 decarbonisation target before 2016?

The Energy Bill had its second reading on 19.12.2012 (yesterday at time of writing, two days ago at time of posting). Now is as good a time as any to… Read more »

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Talk to Resuscitation Council on Law at the End of Life

Alex’s presentation to the Resuscitation Council (UK)’s National Symposium 2014 is available here, with a video of an interview with below.

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Diverted Profits Tax 2015

Timothy Lyons QC and Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho are speaking at this conference, which is to be held on the 21st April at the London Millennium Knightsbridge Hotel. This conference will offer… Read more »

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State aid & tax rulings – Q&A

This article, by Timothy Lyons QC, was published in the Tax Journal. You can read State aid & tax rulings – Q&A here.

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