The State & Individual Rights of Information

Monthly Archives: 21st January 2014

The State & Individual Rights of Information

To read the paper presented at this conference please follow this link.

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Duncan Sinclair successfully defends Judicial Review challenge to QASA scheme in Divisional Court

A full Divisional Court today gave judgment dismissing the judicial review challenge to QASA, the new quality assurance scheme for criminal advocacy. Duncan Sinclair appeared with Nigel Giffin QC for… Read more »

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18th edition of Phipson on Evidence is launched

We are pleased to announce the publication of the 18th edition of Phipson on Evidence, the leading work on civil and criminal evidence. Hodge Malek QC is the General Editor… Read more »

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Local Government Law Conference

Chaired by Alison Foster QC and presented by members of Thirty Nine Essex Street, this full day conference will cover various topics including: Consultation, equality duty and handling changes to services… Read more »

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Planning Law Conference 2014 – Sweet & Maxwell

Peter Village QC is chairing and John Pugh-Smith speaking at this conference, to be held on Tuesday 11th February, 9am-5pm, at The Hallam, 44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ. John… Read more »

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Annual Planning Law Update – Repeat

Chaired by Richard Harwood OBE QC and presented by John Pugh-Smith & Jonathan Darby. Topics covered included: Interpretation of NPPF Environmental Impact Assessment Enforcement Other Materials Considerations  

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Annual Environmental Law Update

Chaired by Stephen Tromans QC and presented by Justine Thornton and Caroline Allen,Thirty Nine Essex Street’s Annual Environmental Update provided an overview of recent case law developments during 2013.

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