There’s always room for improvement – Estates Gazette 23 October 2010 – Martin Edwards

Monthly Archives: 28th October 2010

There’s always room for improvement – Estates Gazette 23 October 2010 – Martin Edwards

EIA The European Commission’s report on the EIA Directive points to possible future changes in requirements.  By Martin Edwards and John Martin.

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Counterfactuals – a shift in the burden/standard of proof?, Global Competition Review

The term ‘counterfactual’, despite technical connotations, simply describes the tendency to think about how things might turn out differently ‘if only’, and to impagine “what if?”.  It finds voice in… Read more »

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Susan Rodway QC and Sadie Crapper appeared for the Chief Constable in the long-running Protection from Harassment Act 1997 case of Dowson et anors v. Chief Constable of Northumbria Police in which judgment was handed down yesterday, Oct 20th.

All six related claims, brought by a number of serving or former police officers who alleged they had been subjected to harassment by their Detective Chief Inspector, were dismissed.  The… Read more »

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Compulsory Purchase – Estates Gazette – October 2010 – Martin Edwards

“It was all meant to be so simple.  In 2004, parliament widened the power of local authorities to acquire land compulsorily for planning purposes.  Subsequent cases demonstrated how the broader… Read more »

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A Little Local Difficulty – Planning Near Major Hazards

“Health and safety advice relating to land use planning … balances the … principle of stabilising and not increasing the numbers at risk, with a pragmatic awareness of the limited… Read more »

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The directive rules – Estates Gazette – 2 October 2010 – Martin Edwards

EIA Regulations – Certain changes are being proposed to the environmental impact assessment legislation.  Martin Edwards and John Martin explain the intentions …

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Ambition and reality clash in new policy – Estates Gazette – 02 October 2010 – Martin Edwards

Localism – The coalition is setting its sights on the planning system, but is its new policy fit for purpose?  Martin Edwards and John Martin take a view …

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