Interim Suspensions and the ECHR (November 2007, Alex Ruck Keene)

Monthly Archives: 27th November 2007

Interim Suspensions and the ECHR (November 2007, Alex Ruck Keene)

One of the thornier questions in the regulation of care professionals is how to strike the balance between the interest of the public and the interests of the professional when… Read more »

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Pleural Plaques are Back (November 2007, Colin McCaul QC)

This article was originally published in New Law Journal on 9th November 2007. No remedy in tort for pleural plaques However, claim can be made for breach of contract of… Read more »

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Protective Costs Orders in Judicial Review

The seminar is targeted at both those who may be in the position of applying for protective costs orders (including NGOs, pressure or action groups) and those who may be… Read more »

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