The Changing Face of Development Control

Monthly Archives: 28th October 2005

The Changing Face of Development Control

Within the last year several important changes have been made to the development control system. Some of these changes will have a direct impact on the way developers and local… Read more »

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Climate Change (October 2005, Richard Harwood)

This paper was originally delivered at an Environmental Law Foundation conference. It addresses UK and European legal developments in restricting, or seeking to accommodate the impacts of, climate change, including… Read more »

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Developments in JR Procedure (October 2005, Gordon Nardell)

This paper was originally presented at the CLT ‘Challenging Decision Making by Judicial Review’ conference in October 2005. The paper looks at – Some significant recent case law developments Aspects… Read more »

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Seminar Paper – Expert Evidence Now (October 2005, Kate Grange)

This paper was originally presented at 39 Essex Street in October 2005. The aim of this talk is to consider the purpose and function of expert evidence in the context… Read more »

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Common Sense and Fair Play (October 2005, Martin Edwards)

This article was originally published in Estates Gazette on 1st October 2005. Previous decisions are fact-sensitive and cannot necessarily act as precedents Alternative sites are generally considered only in exceptional… Read more »

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Maintenance and Champerty (May 2005, Katharine Scott and Judith Ayling)

“Champerty is a variety of maintenance: ‘A person is guilty of maintenance if he supports litigation in which he has no legitimate concern without just cause or excuse’ Chitty 28… Read more »

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Success Fees and Insurance Premiums – An update (April 2005, Katharine Scott)

“If the claimant is funded by way of a CFA and additional liabilities are claimed, notice of funding must be given to the other side. The CPR 44.3B(1)(c) provides that… Read more »

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Periodical Payments – The first six months (October 2005, William Norris QC)

This paper looks at some of the statutory and regulatory provisions, at the reasons for and against periodical payments and at some contentious issues that have yet to be resolved…. Read more »

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Corporate Killing – Trying again (September 2005, William Norris QC)

“No longer do accidents happen.  Everything is somebody else’s fault.  No disaster, no tragedy can happen without a strident voice calling for somebody to be held responsible.  The blame culture… Read more »

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