Equal Opportunities Statement

39 Essex Chambers is committed to the implementation and promotion of equal opportunities and to ensuring an absence of direct or indirect discrimination on grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, citizenship, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, religion or political persuasion.

Number of Pupillages

Up to three 12 month pupillages, to start in September of each year.


39 Essex Street Chambers will be holding first round pupillage interviews week commencing 20th March 2017, during the evening.

Second round interviews will take place week commencing 18th April 2017, during the day.

As the Pupillage Gateway timetable has now changed (click here) 39 Essex Chambers will be holding interviews in the period between 6 Feb 2017 and 2 May 2017

Pupillage award

£52,500 for each of those starting in September 2018.


Up to £12,500 in year before commencement of pupillage.


Through the Pupillage Gateway.


We strongly recommend that applicants for pupillage undertake a mini-pupillage with us prior to completing the Pupillage Portal application form.

Deferred Pupillages

Accepted, but will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.


Due to the volume of applications 39 Essex Chambers receives throughout the year, Chambers policy is that Feedback will not be provided on applications.



Queries regarding pupillage should be addressed to Emily Formby, Judith Ayling and Kate Grange c/o Anna Markey at pupillage@39essex.com

Queries regarding mini-pupillage should be addressed to minipupillage@39essex.com.

39 Essex Chambers is an equal opportunities employer.

Call +44 (0)20 7832 1111 for more information

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